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PhageGuard easy to apply using automated spray systems

PhageGuard easy to apply using automated spray systems

May 12, 2017

Antimicrobial solutions such as PhageGuard are easy to incorporate into existing product lines using automated spray systems. The animation below demonstrates the operation of the AutoJet® Food Safety Spray System which helps meat and poultry processors ensure the highest level of food safety and minimize production costs.

Here we see PhageGuard being applied to roll stock . Besides being easy to apply, this method of application provides other benefits. Automatic and rapid application of  repeatable doses and vacuum sealing causes an even distribution of the antimicrobial around the product. AutoJet® allows for a precise application resulting in no waste.

Spraying Systems Co. offers the AutoJet® Food Safety Spray System. Benefits of this system include;

  • Safer food at a lower cost through reduced use of expensive additives
  • Added intervention steps enhance food safety and can extend shelf life
  • Additive volumes can be adjusted for increased operating versatility
  • Tightly-controlled application rates enable efficient use of high quality, natural antimicrobials
  • Systems are easily integrated into existing product lines to avoid costly reconfiguration
Posted : 2017 , News