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Find out how organic Phage intervention effectively kills Salmonella on poultry

without negative side effects for product, employees or the environment
Recently Food Safety Inspection Service in the USA began on line posting of individual establishments’ category status for Salmonella performance standards for poultry carcasses, with parts standards soon to follow. Industry is beginning to feel pressure by workers and inspectors related to health hazards associated with the use of harsh chemicals, especially peracetic acid. This pressure along with providing safe food to consumers highlights the importance of finding new and innovative approaches to reduce or eliminate Salmonella in fresh poultry.

PhageGuard-S is an antimicrobial intervention which provides a natural and organic solution that effectively kills Salmonella. As PhageGuard-S is tasteless and odorless and poses no workers safety risk. By applying PhageGuard S on fresh meat pre-grinding or pre-packaging, Salmonella is reduced by up to 99%. PhageGuard S is an effective anti-Salmonella hurdle during processing of fresh poultry, leading to safer products.

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