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There is a global consensus that the use of PhageGuard products are considered a clean label processing aid. PhageGuard Listex™ and PhageGuard S™ are OMRI listed products and comply with the requirements of USDA’s National Organic Program.

Here is an overview of PhageGuard products with their respective national processing aid approvals and opinions:


US FDA GRAS for all products (GRN 218) – 2006
USDA Approved processing aid (Directive 7120) – 2007
Canada, Health Canada: Processing aid – 2011
Brasil, Ministerio da Saude (CIP) – 2012


The Netherlands, Ministry of Health: Processing aid – 2010
EU: PhageGuard Listex™ is safe for use (EFSA) – 2016

Rest of the world

Australia/ New Zealand: FSANZ processing aid – 2012 (PhageGuard Listex & PhageGuard S)
Israel approved processing aid – 2014

PhageGuard S

USA: GRAS (GRN 00046) – 2013
USDA Approved processing aid (Directive 7120.1) – 2018

(1) Applied at pre-chilll and post-chill locations on raw poultry carcasses and parts.
(2) Red meat (pork and beef) carcasses, parts, trim or ground.

Canada, Health Canada: Processing aid – 2016

PhageGuard E

USA: GRAS (GRN 000757) – 2018
USDA Approved processing aid (Directive 7120.1) – 2018 – on beef carcasses, primals, subprimal cuts, and trimmings

Please contact us for more information if not provided here.
PhageGuard Listex™ has never been refused in any country where we have applied for approval for use.



Micreos Food Safety B.V. holds the following certifications;
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