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Dr. Steven Hagens discusses Bacteriophage Interventions in Foods to Combat Unwanted Bacterial Pathogens

Dr. Steven Hagens discusses Bacteriophage Interventions in Foods to Combat Unwanted Bacterial Pathogens

November 30, 2020

At Micreos Food Safety we firmly believe that nature itself provides the solutions for modern day challenges. As the natural enemy of bacteria, phages specifically kill pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria and E. Coli while leaving the good ones intact. Phages can be used directly on food contact surfaces or in the processing environment.

Micreos’ own Dr. Steven Hagens has created a presentation of just over 16 minutes where he covers various phage-related topics in the realm of food safety. From basic pathogens to brief summaries of application data.


Bacteriophages (phages) are a superb and unique tool for food safety. Phage biocontrol can no longer be called novel but not everyone will be overly familiar with their working. Phage can reduce the presence of specific pathogens in a wide variety of foods by 1-3 log, depending on dosage and type of food treated. While they offer numerous unique advantages over other interventions (no consequences for organoleptic properties of treated foodstuffs, for example) and implementation is often very simple, it is important to understand some basics on their mode of action to reap maximum benefit from them. Here we will attempt to briefly summarize phage biocontrol of pathogens in foods and food processing environments. The sub-topics covered will be: phage biology; specifically phage-host recognition and specificity, the dose response effect observed in applications -which requires understanding the relative size of phages and their target bacteria in relation to the food surface, why phages only function for a short time after application (a fact that is instrumental in their being considered processing aids), factors that are required for their functioning and environmental factors that could prove detrimental to their implementation. We shall provide case studies, explaining how pathogens can be targeted in a variety of specific foods as well as considering their use for environmental pathogen control in food processing facilities, including their ability to reduce biofilms. 

Click on the button to the right to visit the official SciTech BioTech-Food Sciences 2020 website and view the accepted abstract.

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