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PhageGuard Listex reduces Listeria on precooked potato wedges

PhageGuard Listex reduces Listeria on precooked potato wedges

June 14, 2021

Are you looking for ways to mitigate the risk of Listeria in your potato processing operation? Have a look at our brand new ADS!

Our newest Application Data Sheet contains ways of application, data that was generated and positive results of implementing phages in the processing environment.

About PhageGuard Listex

PhageGuard Listex is a highly concentrated solution containing phage P100. The phage P100 used in PhageGuard Listex is selected from nature and targets all species of Listeria found in food processing environments and provides excellent killing ability against Listeria monocytogenes.


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    About Micreos & PhageGuard

    Micreos is a pioneer in the field of targeted antibacterial technology. We develop cutting-edge proprietary products and technology, among which the PhageGuard product line. Our success is based on a history of successful collaborations with top universities, institutes and customers around the globe. Our innovative research is regularly featured in scientific journals and media publications worldwide.

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