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PhageGuard Listex featured in Dutch magazine for the foodindustry

PhageGuard Listex featured in Dutch magazine for the foodindustry

January 27, 2017

VMTPhageGuard Listex is featured in the November issue of VMT magazine, a Dutch magazine for the foodindustry. In the VMT magazine of 25 november 2016 (Nr. 15) under the header of “Foodsafety & Quality” the article titeled “Listeria houdt van gemaksvoedsel” is published.


To address biofilms effectively in the production environment, it might be time for a different approach, says Bert de Vegt, managing director of Micreos. The company markets solutions of bacteriophages to combat pathogenic bacteria such as Listeria in foods and in the production environment.

“It is a natural solution to the problem,” States De Vegt.

Bacteriophage is Greek for bacteria-eater. It is the natural enemy of bacteria. De Vegt: “Every 48 hours, about 50 percent of the bacterial population in the world are neutralized by phages. A phage can be up to 100 times smaller than the attacked bacterium. Phages are harmless, attacking only the unwanted Listeria bacteria.


According to De Vegt use in the foodindustry is simple: “We spray the product with bacteriophages. If they encounter Listeria, these bacteria will be neutralized in just a few milliseconds. Phages can offer protection in all zones of the food production process: on the product, the food contact surfaces and the production environment. The product PhageGuard Listex causes a 1 to 3 log reduction of Listeria on food and a 3 to 5 log reduction on biofilms and equipment. It leaves no room for the bacteria to become resistant. It also counters cross-contamination on foodcontactsurfaces. It does not affect wanted bacteria and there is no need to alter the productionprocess or product composition.  It has no effect on organoleptics; color, smell or taste of the product remain the same.

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Click here to read the article by Willem-Paul de Mooij; “Listeria houdt van gemaksvoedsel“. (Dutch)

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