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Natural phage solution more effective at reducing salmonella than chemical treatments

Natural phage solution more effective at reducing salmonella than chemical treatments

June 1, 2018
04 may 2018 – Pioneer in cutting- edge pathogen reduction technology, Micreos, has released the results of a newly published scientific study which found that PhageGuard S, a new treatment for salmonella reduction on food products, is more effective than lactic acid (LA) and peracetic acid (PAA).

According to the Netherlands-based company, the findings will be of particular interest to meat and poultry processors looking to minimize the use of chemicals in their production processes and protect worker safety.

Carried out by Assistant Professor Amilton de Mello and his team of researchers at the University of Nevada, the study concluded that traditional chemical treatments like LA and PAA cut Salmonella levels by under 60 percent.

But PhageGuard S, a natural phage solution, significantly reduces bacterial levels, killing up to 94 percent of salmonella in the samples tested.

These results challenge the perceived effectiveness of traditional chemical interventions for foodborne pathogen control and highlight phages as a superior and more successful alternative for enhanced consumer safety.

PhageGuard S, specifically developed to eliminate salmonella in meat and poultry products, is USDA and FDA-approved and 100 percent organic, addressing increasing consumer demands for more natural food processing aids and industry transparency.

Unlike traditional chemical treatments, Micreos says that Phageguard S kills salmonella without affecting organoleptic properties such as taste, odor or texture in food products.


Bert de Vegt“Salmonella remains a public health concern, with 1.2 milion cases recorded every year in the US alone. Although lactic acid and peracetic acid are widely deployed throughout the industry, consumer demand and health and safety concerns call for different solutions. This report echoes the results we have observed in numerous commercial trials in poultry, fish and red meats and makes a convincing case for switching to phage”

Bert de Vegt, Managing Director at Micreos Food Safety.


Micreos develops endolysin- and phage technology that enables targeted killing of unwanted bacteria. The company runs its production and R&D center for endolysins in Bilthoven and phages in Wageningen ‘Food Valley’, while its head office is located in The Hague.

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Micreos is a pioneer in the field of targeted antibacterial technology. We develop cutting-edge proprietary products and technology, among which the PhageGuard product line. Our success is based on a history of successful collaborations with top universities, institutes and customers around the globe. Our innovative research is regularly featured in scientific journals and media publications worldwide.

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