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PhageGuard contributes to safer food production by using phages. As the natural enemy of bacteria, phages specifically kill pathogens like Salmonella and Listeria, and leave the good ones intact. They are green, smart and easy to apply on food via spraying, misting or dipping. Phages can also be used directly on food contact surfaces or in the processing environment. 


PhageGuard is easy to apply to food via spraying, misting, or dipping. There is no effect on taste, color, or smell so there is no need for product reformulation. As a processing aid, it does not require labeling.


The PhageGuard products have a strong science base. From the fundamental research at the world leading Swiss University ETH to the applied science at point of use, our knowledge and expertise is second to none.

We know how phage work and how they can work for you. They are highly efficacious and cost-effective.


We firmly believe that nature itself provides the solutions for modern day challenges. PhageGuard is the result of that belief: an effective organic solution to make food safer.




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PhageGuard Listex

  • PhageGuard Listex Leads to 1-3 log10 reductions on food
  • 3 – 5 log10 reductions on biofilms and process equipment
  • PhageGuard Listex is effective against all Listeria species
  • Hinders proliferation of Listeria on food contact surfaces
  • Does not influence desired bacteria
  • No organoleptic influence
  • No need to reformulate products
  • No trade off between quality and safety
  • Topical spray application
  • PhageGuard Listex is non corrosive
  • Suitable for natural & organic products
  • USDA validated Post-lethality treatment

PhageGuard S

  • Leads to 1-3 log10 initial reductions
  • Effective against all Salmonella species
  • Hinders proliferation of Salmonella
  • No organoleptic influence
  • No need to reformulate products
  • No trade off between quality and safety
  • Non corrosive
  • Suitable for natural & organic products

PhageGuard E

  • Potential to reduce E. coli 0157 up to 99% on beef carcasses, primals, subs and trimmings
  • Highly effective against E. coli 0157
  • No organoleptic influence
  • No need to reformulate products
  • Demonstrated superior results of PhageGuard E surface spray over currently used chemicals, on E. coli O157 contaminated fresh cold beef.
  • PhageGuard E is USDA and FDA-approved, addressing increasing consumer demands for fewer chemicals and more  transparency