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FDA-USDA approves SALMONELEX™ as processing-aid

December 3, 2013

salmonelexThe FDA-USDA has approved SALMONELEX™ as a processing-aid in the production of Meat&Poultry products.

SALMONELEX™ is a clean-label processing-aid aimed at the prevention of cross contamination and the killing of undesirable Salmonella bacteria on the food during processing. SALMONELEX™ is GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) and received approval as a processing aid by the USDA.


Mark Offerhaus, CEO of Micreos: “Now that the FDA and USDA have given a green light, we can provide foodprocessors a natural solution against salmonella, including the cultures that are resistant to antibiotics. Salmonelex is seen as an elegant solution due to the fact that it only targets Salmonella. It also has no redisual effects on the treated product. Not flavor, taste nor texture. After succesfully launching LISTEX against listeria we have expanded our product range of green options against foodpathogens. We expect the poultry industry to be the first big users of SALMONELEX™.”

SALMONELEX™ may be used post-slaughter in (pre-) chill systems. Or sprayed onto the foods at points of contamination during further processing. The product, and its application, can be integrated easily within the daily routine of the normal production process.

SALMONELEX™ is highly effective at killing Salmonella as demonstrated in a 2014 challenge study by CFS (Certified Laboratories) in California.


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