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Don’t give E. coli 0157 a chance with PhageGuard E

100 percent natural and organic, PhageGuard E is an FDA-approved organic solution that specifically combats E. coli 0157.

The PhageGuard advantage is precision. It is targeted to impede and suppress E. coli 0157 proliferation in your food products, without affecting taste, odor or texture.



Curious to find out how Phages can improve food safety at your facility, require more information, or simply interested in discussing Phage-use?


PhageGuard E is USDA and FDA-approved, addressing increasing consumer demands for fewer chemicals and more  transparency. Unlike traditional chemical treatments, PhageGuard E kills E. coli without affecting organoleptic properties such as taste, odor or texture in beef products.

Highly effective post harvest intervention, reducing E. coli O157 up to 99% on beef carcasses, primals, subs and trimmings.

New research at the lab of Dr. De Mello at the University of Nevada demonstrated superior results of PhageGuard E surface spray over currently used chemicals, on E. coli O157 contaminated fresh cold beef.