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Phage use reduces E. coli 0157 on beef carcass, parts and trim by 99%

Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O157 remains a pathogen of great concern for CDC, USDA and the beef industry because it continues to be responsible for many outbreaks and human illnesses.

Up to 99% Effectiveness without compromises

Beef processors are looking for more effective post harvest interventions. PhageGuard E reduces E. coli O157 up to 99% on beef carcasses, primals, subs and trimmings.

Unlike traditional chemical treatments or harsh chemical interventions, PhageGuard E kills E. coli O157 without affecting organoleptic properties such as taste, odor or texture in beef products. All in all, this makes PhageGuard E a smart, green and easy to apply additional hurdle to further enhance food safety.

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