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PhageGuard Listex featured in CHEESE MARKET NEWS®

PhageGuard Listex featured in CHEESE MARKET NEWS®

May 2, 2018
We are proud to announce that Micreos’ PhageGuard Listex solution is featured in this week’s Cheese Market News (Volume 38 number 15 of April 27,2018) under the “New Products” section.

The article reads:

Micreos introduces anti-Listeria technology

WAGENINGEN, Netherlands

Micreos, a Netherlands-based biotechnology company, is introducing its new anti-Listeria technology,  PhageGuard  Listex,  to  the  U.S. market. PhageGuard Listex is a highly-concentrated  solution  containing  Phage  P100.  The phage used in PhageGuard Listex is selected for its killing ability against Listeria monocytogenes, but it also is effective against all Listeria strains. PhageGuard Listex can effectively be applied as surface intervention against Listeria contamination on cheese, and it has no effect on the color, texture or taste, the company says. “Using  phage  cultures  to  protect  cheese against Listeria does not interfere with  the  starter  cultures.  As  phages  are  very  specific,  these  phages  kill Listeria strains only,” says Bert De Vegt, managing director of Micreos Food Safety.

The working mechanism of phages enables a preventative application in cheese-making, aimed specifically at stopping and killing Listeria infections  at  the  earliest  possible stage, de Vegt adds. If a Listeria strain reaches a cheese despite all properly implemented  and  maintained  GHP,  GMP  and HACCP measures, PhageGuard Listex will kill the Listeria and prevent the cheese from recontaminating other product and the production environment, he adds.

For more information, visit   www.PhageGuard.com.          CMN

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