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Turkey spray system application

A large household name in turkey products recently decided to start using to Listex™. Their primary consideration was that Listex™, besides being organic, has zero influence on taste, flavour and appearance of the treated product whereas the antimicrobial they were previously using did.

Listex™ is sprayed into the bag on the loading table as it is blown open. Listex™ is contained in the bag and evenly dispersed after heat shrinking. This is a USDA validated application and in itself is considered Alt 2 under the FSIS 2003 final rule on Listeria. In combination with an inhibitor it is considered Alt 1.

We started by conducting in-house challenge studies. Micreos flew in their application specialists and together executed the work with very satisfactory and significant results. Listeria monocytogenes was reduced LISTEX™ by several orders of magnitude compared by the control.

The spray requirements were established, and the appropriate equipment was ordered and installed.
The application was validated on-site, operators and quality personnel trained, and the application is currently up and running.