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Safe smoked salmon production

smoked-salmon-sandwichExperiences from a medium sized smoked salmon producer on the US East Coast:

“We had a recall a few years back and it cost us in excess of well over $100.000. The FDA came in, consultants came in, we lost business. Basically it was a mess. We met Micreos at a seafood show shortly after, they came over and we started using PhageGuard Listex ™. That was almost 10 years ago.

The problem with cold smoked salmon is that pathogens are naturally present and can not receive a lethality treatment such as heat without inadvertently altering the typical characteristics of the product. PhageGuard Listex ™ only targets Listeria leaving everything else the way it is supposed to be. It’s the only product I have come across that does this for us.”

I sleep better knowing I am controlling Listeria and not flying blind