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Bacteriophages kill STEC more effectively than organic acids

Bacteriophages kill STEC more effectively than organic acids

January 30, 2020

Bacteriophages kill STEC more effectively than organic acids

  • Onsite dressing operations can lead to STEC spreading on beef parts including, primals/subprimal like cuts, rounds, shanks, boneless beef, or trimmings of any size.
  • Further inline processing of trimmings by either vacuum, fabrication or other processes could allow pathogens on the exterior of these beef parts to penetrate below the surface.
  • L. Shebs et al.(2019) evaluated killing efficiency of the bacteriophage product PhageGuard E (108 pfu/cm2), lactic acid (5%) and peroxyacetic acid (400 ppm) on vacuumed and non-vacuumed subprimals.
  • Findings by Shebs and colleagues show for contaminated subprimals, irrespective of vacuum or non-vacuum conditions, that:


  • PhageGuard E treatment kills STEC significantly better than treatments with organic acids (1.4 vs. 0.6 logs reduction, respectively)
  • PhageGuard E provides a faster kill than lactic and peroxyacetic acids


The results of Shebs and colleagues demonstrate that PhageGuard E is an effective intervention against E. coli O157, which can support your company’s food safety strategy against STEC.

The full publication can be read here:


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